ViralAdStore Free Traffic System : Review

Over the years I have used a number of those traffic sites where you sign up to receive email ads from other members, and earn points by reading them. Those points can then be spent on sending ads to the other members.

I always found the results to be a little disappointing and I put this down to the fact that the list to which my messages were being sent was not particularly well targeted. Furthermore, I found that I couldn’t cope with wading through the hundreds of emails that I was receiving every day, and I would usually unsubscribe from the service after about a week.

The advantage of these systems is that they are free (unless you upgrade to their premium services), so from time to time I sign up with a different one and try again. I am currently trying ViralAdStore as a free member and this article is a review of my findings.

As a free member, you can send an email to a randomly selected 500 ViralAdStore members. This might not sound like many, but you can increase this by spending points which can be earned in several ways:

  1. When you log in to ViralAdStore you will see another member’s ad in a pop-up, and if keep the ad open until the counter reaches zero, you will earn 20 points.
  2. You will receive emails from other members. if you click the links in those emails, you will receive points.
  3. By clicking on the “featured ads” to the right of the screen.
  4. By Referring new members.

As I mentioned in the opening paragraphs, I usually find that I get too many emails from these systems and opening them and clicking the links takes up a lot of time. Most of them usually end up being deleted, thus defeating the whole point of the system.

ViralAdStore has a feature that lets you choose whether to receive as many emails as possible, or limit it to no more that 35 per day. Obviously, choosing this limit will also limit the number of points that you earn, but I found that with the flood of emails from the rival services, I wasn’t clicking any links at all. I could probably manage 35 per day.

You can earn points by referring other people to the system, and you can email your entire downline every 5 days. If you recruit your downline members from your website or from targeted ads, then they are more likely to be better targeted than the general members list. What’s more, as your downline grows, the number of people you can email from the members list also grows, so it really pays to build your downline.

At the time of writing there are 12,431 active members of ViralAdStore and this is obviously growing every day. If you’re really intent on getting your message out there, you can pay to send a Solo Ad to every one of those members. Not a bad list to start off with if you’re launching a new product. If you got only a 1% response rate from your ad, that would amount to 124 people.

Some people write off these systems because the members are generally newbies who don’t have a list. Well I don’t see the problem with that. If you’re selling a decent product that could help newbies, then wouldn’t it make sense to put your ad in front of 500 or more of them every week, especially if you’re in the IM niche? That’s equivalent to 26,000 or more every year even if you don’t buy solo ads or spend any of your earned points. Admittedly, you probably want that many per month, week or day, but this is just one traffic source.

So far, ViralAdStore appears to be one of the better free traffic ad-swap systems because you have more control over how many emails you receive every day.

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