Article Marketing : Which Guru to Believe?

As an Internet Marketer, I usually subscribe to a number of lists of other marketers, just to keep my eye on what they are doing and what products they are promoting. I also find them to be a good source of ideas for my own products.

There has been a lot of junk being pushed, with incredible claims about their products. If you understand that there’s no magic formula that will bring you riches simply by clicking a few buttons, then you won’t believe these marketers.

Of the products that are plausible, how can you tell which ones are telling you the true story? Good sales copy writers are very good at persuading people to buy their product whatever it is and whatever technique it uses.

On Thursday last week I received an email promoting a product that looked interesting. I went to the sales page and saw statements such as “Article marketing is a waste of time and effort. It doesn’t work any more”. Of course, if their product doesn’t need article marketing to get results, then of course they would say that. They want you to stop what you’re doing and buy their product.

“That’s a pity!” I thought. “I’m quite good at writing articles.”

On Friday, the very next day, I visited the sales page of another product being marketed. It proudly told me that Article Marketing is the best, most effective method of driving traffic to your website.

“Phew!” I thought. “The Article Marketing crisis is over!”

Ok, I was being a bit cynical. But it just goes to show that you can receive conflicting information at the same time. If you’re inexperienced in marketing online, how do you know what to do? Should you write articles or not? Is it a waste of time, or should I be churning them out like there’s no tomorrow?

The reality is that Article Marketing works. It has done for years and will do for years to come as long as the worldwide web, hyperlinks and search engines exist.

In fact, if you ignore all those fantastic get-rich-quick and get-rich-with-no-effort systems and just use the tried and trusted “old-school” techniques, you really can’t go wrong.

If I was offered $47 to spend on either a get-rich-quick system, or on ghost-written articles, I would choose the articles every time. What many of these vendors don’t tell you is that once you have bought and set up their system, you still need to promote it, because no traffic means no profit. And Article Marketing is a very effective way of getting traffic. Without a doubt.

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