Guitar Lessons – a long time coming

Many years ago, I was in my car listening to ZZ Top playing Rough Boy.  When they got to the incredible guitar solo in the middle, and then another one at the end, I was drifting off into hyperspace.  It’s an excellent solo and it suddenly struck a chord (pun intended) with me.

About two days later I went to a guitar shop and bought a guitar.  After hearing that solo, and playing it many times, over and over again, I decided that I wanted to be able to do that.   It was an almost primaeval urge.  I needed to be able to play that music!  So I walked out of that shop armed with a used Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar.  About a week later, I bought a fender amplifier and I was all set.

Unfortunately at the time I was working freelance and barely had any time to myself, and definitely not on a regular basis.  I knew that I couldn’t put in the time for the practice required to master this instrument.

Sure, I played around with it and had the odd lesson here or there, but most of the time it languished in its case in a corner.

Now that my 8-year-old son is having guitar lessons and I have a new job that is a lot closer to home,  I suddenly find myself with the time and enthusiasm to finally take some lessons.  In the meantime I have also discovered the wonders of David Gilmour’s excellent solos which have increased my desire to master the guitar.

So I have signed up for a 12-week course at ACMR in Bournemouth. ACMR is the first Regional affiliated branch of the famous ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music) based in Guildford. Each session lasts for 1 hour, followed by 1 hour of practice in a “band” consisting of other students and tutors.

The course starts on Monday 17th September 2012 (for beginners – there are intermediate and advanced sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays), so if you’re in the Bournemouth area and wish that you’d taken up an instrument or learned to sing, why not check them out and sign up for a course.

It’s 4 weeks until the course starts, so I’m already putting in some practice so that I can get to a basic level and make the most of the course when it starts.
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol is my current target. It’s a simple tune picked on 2 strings for the verse, and then 3 chords for the chorus.

I’d recommend it for any beginner. Check out this excellent tuition video…

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