It’s Becoming More Difficult To Find Music Stores

Last night, while carrying out a repare on my Yamaha Pacifica, I managed to break one of the strings, so today I decided to go and buy some new ones, and some spares for my son’s 3/4 size acoustic guitar. I couldn’t believe how much more difficult that is becoming in Bournemouth!

The nearest music store, Eddie Moors Music, merged with Dave Allen Music a few years ago, and relocated further away from my home. The next nearest store, Music Is Life, had also relocated, but I didn’t know where.
Langdon’s Electric Music, which had been in the same street had also disappeared.

So I drove to Dave Allen’s, only to find that they had closed down too. On my route home again, I drove via another music shop that I had been to before. Sadly, that had also disappeared.

Back at home, I Googled for local music shops to find out to where Music Is Life had relocated. I found them and drove to this now much more distant shop. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the shop was now considerably larger than their previous one, and also discovered that they had merged with Langdon’s Electric Music. Thankfully, they had everything that I needed.

As they are now my only relatively local music shop, I really hope they survive. I guess the music business is suffering competition from the Internet and it’s becoming more difficult to keep bricks-and-mortar shops open. I see that had I bought the guitar strings online, they would have been considerably cheaper than what I just paid for them. The difference is that I was able to get the strings today, when I needed them.

Without the real shops, it’s going to be much more difficult to get consumables such as strings, reeds etc., at short notice. We’ll also lose the friendly advice we can get from the people who work there.

So keep your local music shops open, or at least buy from their websites if they have one. You’ll never realise what you’ve lost until it’s gone.

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