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Having recently taken up the guitar in a serious way, I thought it was about time to invest in a guitar stand. It’s really not very good to leave your guitar leaning against a wall or item of furniture, where it can slip and fall down.

Also, there’s something rather cool about the way a guitar looks when it’s in a stand – kind of makes it look as if you’re serious about your guitar!

Anyway, this week my local Aldi store is offering guitar stands for sale at a bargain price of just £6.99, so I invested in two of them – one for myself and one for my son.

They are easy to assemble, lightweight and of fairly sturdy, metal construction, with neoprene pads to protect the guitar. They fit both electric and acoustic guitars, so they are very practical.

The rounded fork which cradles the neck of the guitar has a rubber tie across it to keep the guitar in place if it gets knocked.

My only criticism of the whole thing is the pair of arms that support the body of the guitar. They are mounted in such a way that they can swivel round so that instead of forming a shallow “valley” for the guitar to sit in, they present a hill. Unfortunately, when gravity gets its way, the preferred resting position of these supporting arms is the wrong way up.

It’s a fault that I can live with at home, but if I was a professional musician using them on stage, I’d get very annoyed at them.
I’ll probably rig up some means of holding them in the correct position that will still allow me to pack it away for transportation if necessary.

So, apart from that one minor niggle, I’d say that at £6.99 they are a bargain. They’re in the shops this week, and selling fast, though!

November 18, 2012 · Phil Rogers · No Comments
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