I Hate Brown Bread. Except…

I really hate brown bread. Yes, I know all you health freaks are going to tell me that it’s a lot healthier than white bread, but you can’t make me like the taste of something just because it’s healthy.

The truth is that not all brown bread is as healthy as you think. I’m referring to the mass-produced, supermarket loaf here. Brown bread is generally supposed to be made made from whole wheat (or whatever grain is being used), but some of it is actually made from white flour with caramel added as a colouring. So not only is it in reality white bread that has been coloured, it has been coloured with sugar! Now tell me that’s healthy.

The fake stuff aside, I really don’t like the real brown bread. There is, however, one exception. Rank Hovis, the UK’s leading flour miller, produce a flour called Granary®. This flour contains malted wheat grains that really add some flavour to bread made from it. I’ve always been a huge fan of the taste of malt ever since I took up brewing as a hobby when I was a student.

Oddly enough, all my local supermarkets seem to have stopped selling Granary® flour, but it has been replaced by a Granary® bread mix containing the flour, yeast, sugar and salt as necessary. I baked a loaf from this mix last night and it turned out perfect. Very often when I bake with wholewheat flours, the loaf turns out rather too dense for my liking, so I’m totally sold on the Granary® bread mixes.

It makes an excellent sandwich with roast pork, especially if the loaf is well-fired. It makes excellent toast, too. Try it with chunky orange marmalade.

October 26, 2011 · Phil Rogers · No Comments
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