I Can’t Find The Time!

One of the most popular excuses made by beginning online marketers is that they can not find the time to do what they need to do to get their business off the ground. It can be difficult, of course, especially if you have a day-job, a long commute to and from work, and family. But the thing is, for most people, there is always one way or another you can find some extra time – even if it is just 30 minutes extra per day.

If you can’t find the time, then you obviously realise that online businesses don’t run themselves – you have to put in some effort to get them going. So it is essential that you find the time or you are doomed to failure. There’s also that possibility that you will be tempted by that next “instant riches” scheme that comes along. (There’s no such thing as a get-rich-quick program)

Forget Trashy TV
Do you watch soap operas or reality TV shows? If you do, then you can easily find 30 minutes or an hour on which to work on your online business. You don’t really need to watch that soap, do you? If you need to watch them as an escape from your humdrum life, you’d be better off concentrating on your online business so that you can improve your own life! Reality shows are not exactly reality, either.
Once you have broken the habit of watching these shows, you’ll find that you don’t really miss them.

Carry a Notebook
Buy a small notebook (or use your smartphone) and carry it with you everywhere. If you come up with some ideas for you business, jot them down. Travel on a bus or train for any length of time and you have the ideal opportunity to write an article to promote your website. Use any spare time that you have.
Every Saturday, I used to take my son to a 30-minute swimming lesson. I didn’t sit around idly for those 30 minutes – I wrote notes, articles, and ebooks, noted down ideas for products and made task lists.
In my day-job I have a 1 hour lunch-break, but it doesn’t take that long to eat my lunch, so I use the rest of the time productively for my online business.

Get Your Family and Friends On Board
If you have a family, they need to understand that you need some time to work on your business. Tell them you need 30 minutes or an hour of peace, and make sure they respect that. If your family or friends don’t believe you can make money online, ignore them. If you let them put any uncertainty in your mind, you will fail.
Get other family members to help you if you can. They might be able to suggest ideas, write articles or search for information for you. If they work for you, you’ve found more time – their time!

Get Up Earlier (or Got To Bed Later)
If you’re an early-bird, get up 30 minutes earlier and work on your business. If you’re a night-owl, go to bed 30 minutes later. It’s amazing how much you can get done when the rest of your household is still sleeping.
Don’t overdo it though – you need your sleep too!

You WILL Make Time
Once you start to see an income from your online activities, you WILL start to make time for yourself. Even if it is just a few dollars, it becomes addictive! You want to work on making even more, and to do that, you will need to put in more effort which takes more time. Believe me, you will make that time for yourself. And those disbelieving family members and friends will be proven wrong and might be more inclined to help you.

So, make a little more time for yourself, and you will see your online business grow. And once that starts to happen, you will be able to find more time.

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