Go by Train? You’re Kidding!

The UK Government often spout about people using their cars. They say that more people should use public transport.

Of course, mass transit has to be more efficient, cost-effective and less polluting than millions of people each driving a car to work, with no passengers.

The problem is that in the UK, public transport can be prohibitively expensive.

For example, If I was to take my family into our town centre by bus, it would cost us about £11. So we go in the car. Even at today’s high fuel prices, it would cost about £0.40 in fuel, and the car park for a few hours is about £3. Considerably cheaper, no need to walk to the bus stop, and we can come and go as we please.

Trains are even more ridiculously priced. This week I had to travel from the south of England to Glasgow in Scotland, with three work colleagues. If we had taken the train, it would have cost a total of £584. Instead, we drove to Bristol and flew to Glasgow at a cost of just £320. Even adding the the cost of car parking (£42), we saved over £200.

Now I would have thought that it would take a lot more fuel to propel an aeroplane into the sky and across to Glasgow, than it would take to run a train. I would say that there are also a lot more people involved in keeping an aeroplane running, and on schedule. If I can fly from Bristol to Glasgow for £40 one-way, shouldn’t I be able to take the train for say £20?

The airline doesn’t look as if it’s going out of business, so they must be making a profit from these flights.

Something is not quite right, somehow!

August 6, 2011 · Phil Rogers · No Comments
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