Don’t Chase Money – Chase Success!

Although this post is really aimed at online marketers, it applies to any business whether online or offline.

Most people who make the decision to turn their hand to earning money online start off with the wrong attitude towards it; they do it in the pursuit of money.

Now that might seem to be a little contradictory – if you’re going to work online to make money, then shouldn’t you be chasing the money? The answer really is a big, resounding NO.

Your aim should be success. Success in setting up a business with a solid foundation. Success in getting visitors to your website (or shop in the case of offline businesses). Success in persuading people to buy your products, or to buy other peoples’ products from you.

Without that solid basis, you don’t really have a business. Yes, it is possible to create an excellent product and put it up for sale, and it can make you a lot of money. The problem is, without a working system of processes and procedures, your business is not constant. You will get a burst of money from the initial sales of your product, but interest will quickly drop off and sales will dwindle. That’s not the way to make a stable income.

When you sell a product, you should be building a list, but it doesn’t end there. You need to keep those list members happy to remain on your list by sending them information such as hints and tips. What’s more, with every product, you need to build another list, so you will eventually have numerous lists to manage.

And the money?
The money will follow. Once you have set yourself up for success, you will make money, and you will find it easy to make money.

July 28, 2011 · Phil Rogers · No Comments
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