Digital Switchover

UK terrestrial television services (i.e. not cable or satellite services) are currently undergoing a change; they are switching over from analogue to digital. It’s about time too – the process has been very long. The excuse is that they wanted to give people enough chance to upgrade their televisions or buy decoder boxes before the switchover.

I’ve been watching digital terrestrial television exclusively for about 11 years now. In fact, the last two TVs I bought have never been tuned into the analogue services.
How much notice do people need? The authorities must think we’re all as dim as a Toc-H lamp.

In my region, the first part of the switchover finally arrived when they turned off one of the analogue transmitters. In the process, they transferred some digital channels to a different multiplex, which meant that I had to re-scan for channels on my decoder boxes. One of them worked just fine. The other had much less success.
Where BBC1 was always on channel number 1, it decided to put it at 801 instead. It did something similar for all the other channels on that multiplex. So now if I choose channel 1, it says that it’s BBC1, and even loads the EPG for it, but it also says that there is no signal. As luck would have it, that particular decoder box doesn’t let me re-order the channels either.

The DVB adapter I have for my PC also had the same trouble. I wonder whether the data that is transmitted with the channels is set up incorrectly?

The other analogue channels in my area will be switched off in 2 weeks time. Hopefully, if I re-scan again after that time, it will sort itself out.

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