To Infinity and Beyond

If you’re based in the UK, you can’t have failed to miss the TV commercials about BT Infinity. It’s the new fibre optic broadband Internet offering from BT. Download speeds are 40 mbs and upload speeds are 10 mbps, which is very useful if you upload a lot of photos, videos etc., or run online businesses.

If your local exchange has been upgraded to the new fibre service, you might receive a phone call from a BT sales representative, offering you the new service.
To be honest, it’s a good deal. Not only do you get the full 40 mbps speed, but you also get access to the 3.5 million Wi-fi hotspots around the UK, which is great if you have a wi-fi enabled laptop, net-book, tablet or phone.

But here’s my advice if you get the call from BT. Tell them you want to read more about it online first. Then go to the BT website ( and order the upgrade online. Why? Well if you order online, you can claim a £50 Sainsbury Gift Card.

I mentioned this to the sales representative who called me. She said she would ask her manager about it and call me back. She didn’t call back. I guess her manager told her that it was true and there was no point in calling me back as I wouldn’t order the service on the phone.

The sales person was very pleasant and it’s a little sad that she won’t get her commission should I choose to order the service. But it seems that BT are too mean to pay their sales people commission AND offer customers the £50 gift card.

March 8, 2012 · Phil Rogers · No Comments
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