John Thornhill’s Coaching Program Revisited

A few months ago I signed up for John Thornhill’s Coaching Program, which teaches you how to get started online by setting up a blog and then creating an ebook to sell via Clickbank.

I received the 16th and final installment of the course a week or two ago so I decided to report back on how the course was.

The course started very well. It is video based so you can see exactly what to do. Unfortunately, the videos were made a few years ago and the various software and sites that are used (WordPress, Aweber and Clickbank) have all changed by varying degrees since then. John provides an update document showing the differences, but I have to question whether it is enough.

As an old hand with these things, I had no problem getting the tasks done, but many of the other course members who were complete newbies had a lot of difficulty understanding how things had changed and what they should do now instead of what was shown in the videos.
Add to this the fact there was a file missing from one of the recommended WordPress themes that John provided, which meant that various blog titles were not being displayed.

Those things aside, the course content was very sound. It showed how to create a product and get it on the market with affiliates selling it for you.

Support from John and his team was almost non-existent. He would visit the forum about once a week during the first few weeks, but then he very rarely appeared after that. Being quite experienced in many of the tasks we were set to do, I ended up helping out many of the people via the forum. I had a word of thanks from John in the form of a sticky post in the forum, for which I am grateful, but that still doesn’t make up for the lack of support from his team.

Anyone on the course who submitted a ticket to his help desk was generally advised to watch the videos and read the update documents, which is of course, what they were doing.

Finally, on the last week’s course material, John promises that our login id and password will now also work on one of his other membership sites – a parting gift from him. This might have worked when he first ran the course in 2008, but it didn’t happen this time.
Again, this is obviously due to lack of attention by him and his team.

On the whole, the course is well worth the $19.99 I paid for it because the techniques taught are good. But the outdated videos and almost non-existent support really let the course (and John himself) down.

If you’re reasonably competent with WordPress and AWeber, you won’t have any difficulty following this course, but it does mean you’ll be frustrated by the lack of speed and progress in the early stages.

The course was originally sold for $497 so maybe I shouldn’t complain about it now that it is only $19.99, but the price paid shouldn’t make any difference. If you’re going to run a course, run it properly.

You can probably still get on John Thornhill’s Coaching Program at this low price, but don’t expect too much for your money.

October 23, 2011 · Phil Rogers · One Comment
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  1. Sergio Felix - December 15, 2011

    Hey Phil,

    I just came from the JT forum and I was a bit shocked that it’s practically dead over there, I also checked a LOT of blogs and most students just abandoned their sites.

    Pretty sad, I don’t know if this had to do to the fact that John said himself the course was a little outdated and that the PDF provided would help understand all the visual changes from site to site.

    I think it was a bit of a bad move from John since getting a downline in Aweber can pay a recurring of $5 per person (maybe even a bit more) a month so I think he left quite some money on the table but letting so many students fail.

    This from the recurring income point of view.

    As in reputation I don’t think many ended up happy with him.

    I stopped going there and stopped taking the video training since I couldn’t wait so much for everything to be delivered so slow to me and decided to take on another coaching.

    I’m still not promoting the training I’m taking but is WAY more superior (but also a bit more expensive).

    Take care and hope to get in touch soon!


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