CAN-SPAM Needs To Be Changed

We’re all fed up with spam emails. Many people get hundreds of them per day, and they are just not wanted.

In the USA, they came up with legislation called the “CAN SPAM Act” which sets out rules by which people can send advertising messages.

There’s a lot right with CAN-SPAM, but there’s a lot wrong with it, too.
For example, it says that you can send these messages if you identify them as advertising, state who you are and how to get in touch with you, and you provide a means of unsubscribing from the list.

This suggests that you can send at least one of these unsolicited emails to anyone you like, and if they unsubscribe, then they won’t receive any more.

Well I don’t want the first message. I don’t want to be subscribed to a list by somebody else and then actively have to unsubscribe from it. And past experience has shown that some of the unsubscribe links are fake and serve only to confirm that your email address is live, so they can send you more spam, or sell your address to somebody else.

Another thing that bothers me about CAN-SPAM is that I’m not American. I don’t live in the USA, and the Internet is not owned by the USA. So just because the USA says that people can do this, does it really mean that the rest of the world should have to put up with it?

Being on a mailing list should be opt-in only; not opt-out if you don’t want it. So please change the CAN-SPAM Act to the CAN’T-SPAM Act and save us all time, money and internet usage bandwidth.

September 26, 2011 · Phil Rogers · No Comments
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