Twitter Autofollow. A Waste of Time

When online marketers began to see the commercial potential of Twitter, they knew that they had to get as many followers as possible so that they could broadcast links to their sales pages to a big audience.

On the back of this need for more people, various sites sprang up that would offer an “auto-follow” service. Basically if somebody follows you, you automatically follow them.

There is this culture that has sprung up with an attitude of “I’m following you, so you should follow me, and if you don’t I’ll unfollow you”. So people auto-follow back because they are paranoid that they will lose followers.

Other sites promise to link you up with other people who share the same interests or work in your niche.

Even people who were not marketers seemed to become obsessed with getting as many followers as possible, acting like sheep following the crowd. They didn’t really understand why they were doing it, but did it anyway.

Twitter themselves have even added a “Who to follow” link on their pages.

As a result of this, one of my Twitter accounts gains new followers every day and I’m not sure why. I don’t auto-follow people and I don’t know how they are getting a recommendation to follow me. I don’t tweet very often, so it’s not for my content!

So every day I look to see my new followers to decide whether I should follow back or not. In most cases, I have to say that the answer is no. Many of the people who follow me tweet in Chinese, Russian or German. There’s no point in following them because I don’t understand their tweets. That’s just plain logic.

But there is also a completely pointless type of Twitter user. I’d be grateful if somebody could explain to me why they do it…

Looking at one of my new followers today, I see that they are following 12,608 people and have 12, 742 followers. Popular guy? I don’t think so! He has posted just 2 Tweets.

So those lists of followers and following must have been created simply by automatic follow/followback software.

Totally pointless.

September 20, 2011 · Phil Rogers · No Comments
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