The Future of Apple Inc’s Products

The world appears to be reeling from the shock of hearing the news of the death of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. Steve had been seriously ill for some time, so in reality, his death was not really a surprise.

Steve Jobs has been lauded in the media and on social network sites as an innovator, visionary, pioneer and genius who has changed the way we live and interact with technology, but this idea is not really as accurate as people think. It is very sad that Steve has passed away, and his quirky nature and charismatic product launches will be sorely missed.

While the rest of the world is publishing obituaries to this “innovator”, I would like to put the record straight and mention the unsung heroes who got Apple to the position they are in today.

Apple Computer was originally formed by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak (“Woz”) and Ronald Wayne. It was Woz who designed and built the Apple I and Apple II computers and got the company started.

Steve Jobs left Apple under a cloud in 1985, but joined them again in 1996 when Apple bought his company, NeXT. It was from this time that Apple’s fortunes really started to turn around. Although Steve Jobs was again at the helm of Apple and he had the final say on which products were developed and marketed, he wasn’t the innovator of those products as most people believe.

Jonathan (Jony) Ive, a British designer, was the true innovator. He is Apple Inc’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design and was the lead designer and conceptual mind behind these products:

  • iMac
  • Titanium and aluminum PowerBook G4
  • G4 Cube
  • MacBook
  • Unibody MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • iPod
  • iPhone
  • iPad

So if you are worried about the future of Apple Inc’s range of sleek, swish, easy-to-use products, those worries are unfounded, because Jonathan Ive is alive and well and continues to work for Apple Inc.

Of course Apple wouldn’t be where it is today without Steve Jobs, who was obviously wowed by Jonathan Ive’s designs as much as we are, and could see that they would be winning products. But credit where it is due, please.

October 7, 2011 · Phil Rogers · 3 Comments
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3 Responses

  1. Mary Kathan - October 19, 2011

    Hi Phil

    Interesting behind the scenes info. I hope they pay Mr. Ivy well (I am sure they do)!


  2. Phil Rogers - October 19, 2011

    Jonathan Ive’s job title is “Senior Vice President of Industrial Design”, which sounds like a high-paying job to me, and if it wasn’t I’m sure he’d be working somewhere else by now. Somebody with his talents would be well sought after and I’m sure Apple Inc reward him well enough to stop him moving on.


  3. Lee Walker - October 23, 2011

    I have to say it was very sad news to hear of Steve’s passing. However I can’t help but think that every time I hear Apple mentioned it reminds me how overpriced their products are. I’m not going to go into too much detail here as I’ve just written a blog post on it, but I find that PC’s are cheaper when compared to an equivalent spec Mac.

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