Bournemouth Air Festival Starts Today

Every year in August, Bournemouth, the town where I live, puts on a 4-day air festival. It’s an incredible event, featuring aircraft of all ages and types putting on displays over the beach for about 4 hours every afternoon, with some evening events happening too.

It’s totally free to watch – just go down to the beach, or even better in my opinion, go up on the cliffs. Some of the aircraft fly so low that they are almost at eye level when you stand on the cliffs.

Sadly, some of the old favourites cannot make it this year. The last flying Vulcan bomber has developed a fuel leak, and the Typhoon Eurofighters are busy out in the Middle East.

More details at The official air festival Facebook page and The Official Website

Bournemouth gets pretty busy during the summer, but during these 4 days, it is absolutely heaving. If you come down to see the show, please consider the people who live here and use the Park and Ride scheme. Some of us need to go about our daily lives and the last thing we want is thousands of cars clogging up the roads looking for somewhere to park (which to be honest, they’re not going to find!)

Luckily for me, the cliffs and beach are just a 15-minute walk away from my home, so I can keep my car off the roads.

Unfortunately, it’s pouring with rain today, and the forecast doesn’t show any let-up for the rest of the day. Sunshine predicted for tomorrow though!

Update: 10:30am
Absolutely teeming with rain now, and we just had a roll of thunder.

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