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You really can’t beat the taste of home-grown fruit and vegetables, and as on previous years I’m growing some of my own again this year. Where I live on the south coast of England, it’s unlikely that we’ll get any more frosts this year, and if we do, they won’t be very severe. So I have taken advantage of the good weather this weekend to get some gardening done.

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I planted some tomato and cucumber seeds. This week, the plants were big enough (about 4″ or 10cm) to transfer to their own pots, so we did that today. We’ll be putting the plants outside during the day and bringing them in at night until they have hardened up a bit.

We also planted some runner beans and some dwarf pea plants. The peas are a variety that grows only to about 24″ (60cm) so they are ideal for growing in containers. Useful when you have a postage stamp garden.

Finally, as in previous years, I am growing potatoes in potato bags. The idea is that you plant the seed potatoes in a small amount of compost and once the plants are about 4″ tall, you earth them up. This process is repeated until the potato bag is full. This makes the plant produce a lot of roots throughout the entire depth of the bag, so the potato yield per plant is very high.

I usually plant one set of earlies and one set of main crop, but this year I’m doing two sets of the main crop. We’re huge fans of the King Edward potato in our family, so that’s what we’re growing.

Our apple trees and blueberry bush are just starting to produce buds and the plum tree will soon be in flower. The gooseberry bush is an early riser – it’s completely covered in leaves already.
Finally, the rhubarb and the raspberry canes are already starting to grow new leaves.

Last spring and summer was a little strange as far as the weather is concerned, so we didn’t do very well from most plants. We’re hoping for something better this year.

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