Free Printer Cartridges!

Don’t you just love it when things all work out?

I recently bought an excellent Hewlett Packard all-in-one printer and scanner. It works really well as both printer and scanner, and also as a photocopier.

However, just like many other printers, the ink cartridges cost a small fortune. Fortunately, HP make XL versions of their cartridges which contain 3 times the amount of ink, but cost only about twice the price of the standard ones. They are still expensive though.

So when the blank ink ran out I bought a refilled cartridge. That was a big mistake. It printed the test sheet and then gave up. The printer correctly identified the cartridge as a non-genuine one, and I suspect that this might be the reason it stopped working.

So back on Ebay and I found somebody selling 4 of the XL cartridges at just £5 each. I snapped them all up as that’s about one-fifth of the normal price.
When they arrived, it turned out that two of the four cartridges were actually the wrong ones (HP 300XL instead of HP 301XL). They appeared to be physically the same, but I didn’t want to risk putting the wrong cartridge in my printer.

So I put one of the wrong ones on Ebay and with about 24 hours to go, the bidding has already reached £16. Not bad for a £5 purchase.

The whole point of this post is to demonstrate another way of making money on Ebay. If you spot something that is clearly under-priced – especially if it is a Buy Now sale, then snap it up and re-sell it. Bear in mind that you will need to cover the cost of having it posted to you unless it’s included in the price.

It’s not the first time I’ve bought something on Ebay and sold it for a higher price, either. I once bought a “buggy board” for my kids’ pushchair. After about one or two years of use I sold it for more than I paid for it, including postage.

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