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I have just noticed that this blog is becoming dominated by my current interest in home wine making. I didn’t intend this blog to have any specific subject or topic, so I have decided to transfer further information about my experiments in wine making over to a new blog.

The new blog is dedicated to Home Brewing of Beer and Wine. It seemed appropriate to start a dedicated blog about this subject as only today, the UK Government have announced their proposals to introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol. This will rid the supermarket shelves of hugely discounted beer. Personally I see that as a good sign. The supermarkets are sometimes selling it below cost, so we must be paying more for other products to cover their losses.

The new blog will cover all aspects of brewing beer and wine making, for both beginners and experienced people alike. If all goes well, I might set up a forum that runs alongside the site, where home brewers can share ideas, recipes etc.

Most people in the UK were able to find brewing equipment and supplies locally as they were stocked by most of the larger branches of Boots. Sadly, Boots no longer offer such items, which makes it a lot more difficult to find unless you happen to have a local home-brew shop. Consequently, I shall be looking for good, reliable suppliers of equipment, materials and ingredients who will supply by mail-order – especially those who have online ordering.

The good news is that in the UK, some basic brewing equipment may be purchased at Wilkinsons, so if you have one of those stores nearby, check it out. Their range is limited, but they carry most of the items you need to get started.

The new blog can be found at Home Brew Wine and Beer.

March 23, 2012 · Phil Rogers · No Comments
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