Modification to My Wine Making Recipe

I just spent a short time using Google to find out more about making wine from cartons of fruit juice. One of the sites that I found discusses the use of 4 litres of grape juice, just as I am using. The big difference is the addition of 750g of sugar. The site says that with 4 litres of juice, 1 litre of water and 750g of sugar it will ferment out to about 13% to 14% ABV, which is on a par with commercial wine.

This might explain why the fermentation of my juice is not as vigorous as I had expected. I re-checked the original recipe that I found and it has no mention of sugar, but it also doesn’t mention alcohol content of the final product.

As I am aiming for something with at least 12% alcohol, I shall follow the new recipe that I have found. The author of that recipe appears to be quite knowledgeable as he has answered many comments and questions on his site, so I have a lot more confidence in his recipe.

So I shall be adding some of the sugar to the demijohn this evening, which should give the fermentation process a kick. I’ll add the next litre of juice once the fermentation has died down.

This evening, the layer of bubbles on the top of the wine is about 1/2″ (12mm) deep and the amount of CO2 being produced is much higher. The air-lock is bubbling about 3 times per second.

I have now added half the sugar (375g) to the demijohn and added the third litre of juice.

March 22, 2012 · Phil Rogers · No Comments
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