Home Winemaking Experiment Day 2

It’s now about 24 hours since I started fermenting my grape juice and it’s bubbling away nicely. I had read that the initial fermentation would be quite vigorous, which is why I used only 2 litres of juice to begin with. The idea being that if it all bubbled up too much, there would be sufficient space in the demijohn to contain it all. That fear was unfounded. There is a layer of foam about 5mm deep on the top of the juice.

The air-lock is bubbling at the rate of about once every two or three seconds, so there is good production of CO2, which indicates that fermentation is taking place.
Assuming that the level of fermentation activity remains about the same, I shall add a further litre of juice this evening, and the final one in a few days time.

The entire fermentation process should take a few weeks, which is probably the most frustrating part of wine making. It takes a relatively long time to discover whether you have produced something drinkable. Without the results of this experiment, I am reluctant to start another batch going in case I find that I’m wasting my time and money. On the other hand, I have a second demijohn and air-lock, and it seems a pity to leave them standing idle. I’d really like to get some cherry wine on the go, again using cartons of cherry juice.

Anyway, unless something blogworthy happens with the wine, I’ll only post more about it when I do things which are part of the wine making process.

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