Impulsive Redecoration

When I bought my house, the upstairs landing had been wallpapered with some dark beige paper that had a flowery pattern made out of some weird kind of foam stuck to it. Because the foam was a couple of millimetres thick, it game some depth to the pattern.

The problem is that the upstairs landing has no windows. The bedrooms and bathroom originally had small windows above the doors to let light through to the landing, but the previous owner had boarded them over, making the landing very dark. In fact we have to keep a light on up there most of the time – I’m glad there are energy-saving light bulbs now. Being a dark beige colour, the wallpaper didn’t help in making the place look bright.

Anyway, two days ago I could stand this wallpaper no longer, and I pulled it off. Fortunately, most of the glue had dried out so much that the paper came off in huge sheets, leaving smaller pieces behind where the glue was still working well.

Today I washed down the walls so that I could scrape off the last scraps of paper. It’s amazing how much more effort that required compared with pulling off the bulk of the paper.

The walls underneath are not in good condition, but they are 129 years old, so I’m not surprised. There is evidence that at some time in its history, one of the bedroom doors has been moved. The paint on the walls is a cream colour, which is brighter than the old paper and being a relatively flat surface, it reflects the light better. So already the place is looking brighter.

Tomorrow I’ll be filling in holes and giving it a skim-coat of plaster to smooth it off. On Tuesday I shall paint it a light cream or off-white to make the place look even brighter.

August 14, 2011 · Phil Rogers · No Comments
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