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The house in which I live was built in 1882. It’s a Victorian, semi-detached, 2-storey house with a small garden front and back.
When I bought the house it was in bad condition. The previous owners have obviously modified it during the 1970s but had barely done anything to it since, which is why it was a bargain when I bought it.

If I had had the money and the spare time, I would have repaired it quite quickly, but that wasn’t the case, so it has been a long-term project over the last few years and it’s still not complete.

The house didn’t have a bathroom – only a shower room that had been fashioned out of the corner of one of the 4 bedrooms. So, I am now converting one of the bedrooms into a bathroom. I started on this a couple of years ago, but money and time put a hold on it. Now I am able to resume the work, starting this weekend with ceiling.

The ceiling had been covered with Artex, a textured, synthetic plaster, which I detest with a passion. It looks terrible and all those lumps and crevices in the texture accumulate dust. It is possible to remove Artex using a steamer (beware, melted Artex is hot and it sticks to skin!), but it’s a lot of effort, so I shall be plastering over it with a product called Smooth It. Ironically, Smooth It is made by the same company that makes Artex, so they have profited twice from my bathroom ceiling!

And the walls could do with a skim-coat of plaster too, to smooth out some lumps and bumps.

So that’s my weekend taken up – plastering.

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