Creating Your own Digital Download Product

I have said many times that although marketing other peoples’ products as an affiliate can be very lucrative, you can’t beat selling your own product and having affiliates market it for you.

The problem that most people have with this is that they either don’t have the confidence to make their own product, don’t know how to go about making their own product, or can’t even decide what product to make.

It is the latter reason that I am going to concentrate on here. After all, you’re not going to make a product if you don’t know what product to make, so it’s the most important step.

This is what I do. If you’ve been following me on this blog or any of my other ones, you’ll know that I am a software developer, so I like to make software products. Don’t stop reading because you’re not a programmer! The techniques that I use for getting product ideas still apply whether you plan to make an ebook, video, audio or software.

I often subscribe to lists just to see what other people are promoting and to get the “free gifts” that they are offering. On the odd occasion when I receive an email saying that they have some free software to download, I go straight there to download it.

I then run the software to see exactly what it does and how it does it. I take note of its features and pay special attention to its good points, especially if they have been slightly innovative in the way that they do something. More importantly, I look at the bad points, because these are the places where I know that I can do it better.

If I think there is a market for a better version of the software, there is my idea for a product. The advantage of using this method is that the research and design has been done for me, which means I can probably develop my own version in less time than than the original one. In reality though, I do tend to redesign the software so that it looks completely different. I don’t want to run into copyright issues.

If you want to write an ebook, there may be loads out there already that contain the information that you require. All you have to do is assess them and see how they can be improved. Then write your own from scratch, using the originals as a guide.

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