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Over the years I have come across a lot of software aimed at online marketers. Some of it has been quite good, some mediocre, and some just plain terrible.
When I say “terrible” I don’t necessarily think that it’s complete rubbish – some of it is really quite useful. The problem that much of it suffers from is that it wasn’t made very easy to use.

As an example, there is some software that I acquired that created a website sales page. It did this by prompting the user for various items of text, such as Headline, Sub-headline, Testimonials, Product Description, PayPal button etc. When complete, it would then format it all into a web page. It worked. It did the job very well. However, you had no idea how the page was going to look until it was finished. So when it asked for the benefits of using the product you were selling, you didn’t know where it would appear on the page or in which format until you had entered everything. For me, that made me feel as if I was typing blind. I didn’t know what type of thing I should be typing, or how much.

As an experienced, professional software developer, it is very easy for me to cast a very critical eye over other peoples’ software.. Usually I can see how useful the software is, but I can also see how much better it could be.

In the above example about the sales page generator, it could have displayed a dynamically updated preview, so as you typed the information, you would see it appearing on the actual page.

So when I am looking for ideas for software to create, it isn’t usually very difficult. I only have to look at some existing program and work out how to do it better. When it comes to pricing, I just have to look at the price of the existing software. I can offer a better program at the same price, or even undercut it.

Obviously, unless you’re a competent programmer, you can’t easily make software products, but the same technique can easily be applied to ebooks.
Read ebooks in your chosen niche, and think about how you can write a better one. Just don’t copy and paste the text from the originals unless you have Private label Rights for it.

July 19, 2011 · Phil Rogers · 3 Comments
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  1. Jacinta D - July 21, 2011

    Hi Phil,

    Wow, you are a software developer, how cool!!

    I am sure you are very busy in that department!

    I agree on trying to make your products better than your competition. It is something I always try and do and look for the holes and how it can be improved.

    I was a teacher and course developer online for quite a few years before I had my bubba and it was something I was really good at.

    When ever I look at products I always look at them from the newbie point of view and have a teach my like I am a child attitude.

    The one thing I have noticed in this online journey is that as marketers get more advanced their training gets more advanced as they forget where they have come from and then wonder why the newbies have such a hard time with their products.

    Congrats on signing up for JT’s program. I wish you the best. You are lucky getting it so cheap. I was one of the ones that paid the high price so long ago!

    See you back here soon.


    Jacinta 😀

  2. Phil Rogers - July 21, 2011

    Yes, very busy.
    It takes a lot more time and effort to create a good software product than it does to write an ebook, and as I have a day-job as well as an online business, it means I spend a lot of my time programming.

    As for the course, I’ve followed John for years now. I was lucky – his was the first list I ever signed up to about 5 years ago – so I managed to avoid being taken in my the scammers and their snake-oil. And yes, I was even luckier to get the course at a bargain price.

  3. Helen - August 30, 2011

    As a software developer, why would you even consider paying money for this type of junk product? Enough open source options exist nowadays to enable anyone to whip up a decent looking sales page in half an hour!

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