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A couple of years ago I bought a USB dongle that contains a Digital Terrestrial TV decoder. It simply plugs into a USB port and connects to a regular TV aerial (antenna).

It receives all the UK Freeview channels and the supplied software by Blaze works just fine. Considering that it cost less than £10 I’d say it was a bargain.

Since buying it, I’ve upgraded my PC and ended up having to do a fresh installation of Windows. Alas, I couldn’t find the driver disk for the TV decoder so I have need unable to use it for a couple of months.

I searched endlessly using Google and found a lot of other people on forums who were in a similar predicament. None of the suggested links actually pointed to a driver that works.

Today, I have finally found a driver that works by going to the website of the manufacturer of the decoder chip.

Digital TV decode dongle

So if you’re one of those people who has bought one of these devices and lost the driver disk, get the driver from the ITE website. The download link is right at the bottom of the page.

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