More Blender Display Problems Fixed

Having more than one PC can be quite a luxury, but it’s quite common for a professional software developer such as myself. However, it can also have its down-side, especially if the computers are different models from different manufacturers.

The reason I say this is that having solved the problems I had with Blender on one PC, I found that on the second, I experienced the same problems. The cure that I used for the first PC completely failed to fix it on the second. Furthermore, the fix that I did wasn’t really satisfactory because it is now downgrading the performance of my PC’s graphics card for the sake of one application.

So I needed to find an alternative fix and that turned out to be new video drivers. Both PCs have ATI graphics cards, so I suspect that updating the drivers on both machines might cure the problem.

Both PCs are a few years old now, so I was pleasantly surprised that a newer driver was available for my second PC’s graphics card. Having installed the new driver, Blender behaves itself perfectly, so I’ll be applying the same change to my first PC and I’ll be able to restore the hardware acceleration to its highest setting again.

April 14, 2012 · Phil Rogers · No Comments
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