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Unhappy Chappie

If you see Vista on the horizon, head for the hills!

More about this later when I’m allowed to tell you.


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No Tweeting

I’ve never been a prolific Tweeter. I have an account and I have a lot of followers. I don’t know why they follow me as I tweet so rarely.

This week, I thought I would get involved in Twitter a bit more, but I haven’t been able to log in. “Twitter is over capacity” is all I have seen for the past week. Now if I ran a very popular site that had millions of users, I think I would buy a few more servers and wide bandwidth data lines as my user base increased.

Facebook has never turned me away when I try to log in and they do considerably more than handle messages of 140 characters.

So I’m not inclined to tweet any more. Maybe all those thousands of followers will unfollow me. Actually I doubt it. The number seems to increase regardless of [Read more…]

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