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Don’t Rely Too Much on Technology

I can remember when pocket calculators first became available, and I recall how useful I found the scientific one that I bought when I was studying mathematics at school. No more looking up the trigonometry functions in tables, etc.

The thing is, as the calculator was so handy, I later discovered that my ability to do even simple calculations in my head became a little rusty because I was relying on the calculator to give me an instant answer. As it happened, relying on the calculator might not have been a good idea. A friend of mine, whose mathematical ability was much lower than my own, also bought a calculator. Being a new toy, he couldn’t put it down and he would spend a lot of time playing with it. One day, he asked me “What is the square root of 4?”. I immediately answered “Two”, while at the same time [Read more…]

July 12, 2012 В· Phil Rogers В· No Comments
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