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Guitar Stand

Having recently taken up the guitar in a serious way, I thought it was about time to invest in a guitar stand. It’s really not very good to leave your guitar leaning against a wall or item of furniture, where it can slip and fall down.

Also, there’s something rather cool about the way a guitar looks when it’s in a stand – kind of makes it look as if you’re serious about your guitar!

Anyway, this week my local Aldi store is offering guitar stands for sale at a bargain price of just £6.99, so I invested in two of them – one for myself and one for my son.

They are easy to assemble, lightweight and of fairly sturdy, metal construction, with neoprene pads to protect the guitar. They fit both electric and acoustic guitars, so they are very practical.

The rounded fork which cradles the neck of the guitar [Read more…]

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Guitar Lessons – a long time coming

Many years ago, I was in my car listening to ZZ Top playing Rough Boy.  When they got to the incredible guitar solo in the middle, and then another one at the end, I was drifting off into hyperspace.  It’s an excellent solo and it suddenly struck a chord (pun intended) with me.

About two days later I went to a guitar shop and bought a guitar.  After hearing that solo, and playing it many times, over and over again, I decided that I wanted to be able to do that.   It was an almost primaeval urge.  I needed to be able to play that music!  So I walked out of that shop armed with a used Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar.  About a week later, I bought a fender amplifier and I was all set.

Unfortunately at the time I was working freelance and barely had any time to myself, and [Read more…]

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It’s Becoming More Difficult To Find Music Stores

Last night, while carrying out a repare on my Yamaha Pacifica, I managed to break one of the strings, so today I decided to go and buy some new ones, and some spares for my son’s 3/4 size acoustic guitar. I couldn’t believe how much more difficult that is becoming in Bournemouth!

The nearest music store, Eddie Moors Music, merged with Dave Allen Music a few years ago, and relocated further away from my home. The next nearest store, Music Is Life, had also relocated, but I didn’t know where.
Langdon’s Electric Music, which had been in the same street had also disappeared.

So I drove to Dave Allen’s, only to find that they had closed down too. On my route home again, I drove via another music shop that I had been to before. Sadly, that had also disappeared.

Back at home, I Googled for local music shops to [Read more…]

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Making Learning Guitar More Interesting

Now that my son, Aleksandr, has had 3 guitar lessons, I have dusted off my guitars and I am practicing along with him. This has a few useful effects.

The first is that it makes it more interesting for Aleksandr to have somebody to practice with – within a few weeks we should be able to play rhythm and lead together, which is bound to be encouraging.

The second is that we have found that he practices longer if we play together.

The third is that I am able to follow what he his learning, so for the price of lessons for him, two people are learning.

Finally, I have a useful trick up my sleeve that makes the practice more interesting. Aleksandr is being taught to play Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water. Yes, it’s the ubiquitous first tune that almost everyone learns. The thing is that it is [Read more…]

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Loud Hum on my Electric Guitar – Fixed

A problem that I have had since I bought my Yamaha Pacifica guitar many years ago is a loud mains hum when I plug it into my Fender amplifier. As the amplifier was new, but the guitar was a used one, I always suspected the guitar.

A friend tried my amplifier with his Fender Stratocaster and it was perfectly quiet, which confirmed that the guitar was at fault. Maybe that’s the reason why the previous owner sold it?

Having taken up the guitar again, to learn and practice alongside my son, I find the loud hum particularly annoying. I have to keep the volume down to such a level that it is less noticeable. Not an ideal solution.

So with the help of Google and Yahoo! Answers, I found a potential fix for the problem. It all pointed to a bad earth connection somewhere in the guitar.
So, being [Read more…]

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