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Digital Switchover Part 2

The second stage in the digital TV switchover happened in my region yesterday and I completely forgot about it. I haven’t rescanned for channels on the decoder boxes, yet we still watched TV, so I guess most of the channels have not changed.

We might find that some channels that we didn’t watch yesterday have moved, so I’ll do the re-scan this evening.

If all has gone well, all of the analogue signals in our area have been switched off, which will release bandwidth for more digital channels or for other purposes. I’m hoping that the quality of the digital signals will now improve.


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Digital Switchover

UK terrestrial television services (i.e. not cable or satellite services) are currently undergoing a change; they are switching over from analogue to digital. It’s about time too – the process has been very long. The excuse is that they wanted to give people enough chance to upgrade their televisions or buy decoder boxes before the switchover.

I’ve been watching digital terrestrial television exclusively for about 11 years now. In fact, the last two TVs I bought have never been tuned into the analogue services.
How much notice do people need? The authorities must think we’re all as dim as a Toc-H lamp.

In my region, the first part of the switchover finally arrived when they turned off one of the analogue transmitters. In the process, they transferred some digital channels to a different multiplex, which meant that I had to re-scan for channels on my decoder boxes. [Read more…]

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I Hate Brown Bread. Except…

I really hate brown bread. Yes, I know all you health freaks are going to tell me that it’s a lot healthier than white bread, but you can’t make me like the taste of something just because it’s healthy.

The truth is that not all brown bread is as healthy as you think. I’m referring to the mass-produced, supermarket loaf here. Brown bread is generally supposed to be made made from whole wheat (or whatever grain is being used), but some of it is actually made from white flour with caramel added as a colouring. So not only is it in reality white bread that has been coloured, it has been coloured with sugar! Now tell me that’s healthy.

The fake stuff aside, I really don’t like the real brown bread. There is, however, one exception. Rank Hovis, the UK’s leading flour miller, produce a [Read more…]

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Mobile Working

If you’re one of those people who claims never to have the time to work on building an online business, I have to say that I think you’re fooling yourself. You are probably looking for excuses why you are not succeeding online.

I am busy. I have a full-time day job, and it takes me about 1.25 hours to get there in my car, and the same to get home again. I have a family with young children who I have dinner with when I get home. Next up, I bathe the children, put them to bed and read them a story. Strangely enough, the older they get, the more time this seems to take up.

By the time I am finished, I’m very tired, but I still try to take myself to my PC to work on my online business. There are days when I’m [Read more…]

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Go by Train? You’re Kidding!

The UK Government often spout about people using their cars. They say that more people should use public transport.

Of course, mass transit has to be more efficient, cost-effective and less polluting than millions of people each driving a car to work, with no passengers.

The problem is that in the UK, public transport can be prohibitively expensive.

For example, If I was to take my family into our town centre by bus, it would cost us about £11. So we go in the car. Even at today’s high fuel prices, it would cost about £0.40 in fuel, and the car park for a few hours is about £3. Considerably cheaper, no need to walk to the bus stop, and we can come and go as we please.

Trains are even more ridiculously priced. This week I had to travel from the south of England to Glasgow in Scotland, [Read more…]

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