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If you want something doing properly…

Have you ever used that phrase “If you want something doing properly, do it yourself” ? It can be very frustrating when you rely on something or somebody and they just don’t deliver what you want.

I have been a user of the Opera browser since version 3.0 (It’s up to version 20 now). When I first started using it, it was an absolute delight to use. It was by far the fastest browser available and had some excellent features that are still not available in in other browsers unless you install a 3rd-party plug-in, or have been copied but implemented poorly. Back in those days, you had to pay for Opera, so you kind of expected something better than the rest. It became free several versions later.

After version 12, Opera decided to start anew. They dumped their existing HTML rendering engine and adopted [Read more…]

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Beware QuickInstall Auto-Update

I have always preferred to install scripts on my hosting account myself. I do this because I do not find the task difficult, and because I like to control exactly how and where it is installed.

My hosting account used to provide a tool, Fantastico, which would install many common scripts for you. I tried it once or twice but found that it was just as easy to do it myself.

My CPanel gets upgraded regularly by my hosting company, Hostgator, and some time ago, Fantastico disappeared and was replaced by QuickInstall.

I gave QuickInstall a try when I wanted to install another WordPress blog and found that it did a very good job, so I actually used it again to set up another 3 blogs. One feature that I really liked about QuickInstall was that it could be set to automatically upgrade WordPress when a new version was released. Little did I [Read more…]

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Don’t Subscribe to Time Lowe’s Programs…

There are thousands of marketers on the Internet, each trying to push various money-making schemes on us. Some of them are good guys, some play by the rules but tend to swamp you with emails, and others are just plain nasty.

I occasionally subscribe to the lists of these people as the result of the offer of a free gift – maybe some software, a script or a report. Then follows the inevitable flood of emails pushing stuff that I’m not really interested in.

More often than not, the emails mount up in my inbox and never get read – especially those from people who are not really promoting anything new.

From time-to-time, I have a purge of my inbox and Unsubscribe from most of the lists, and being a rainy day today, I decided to do just that.

One of the lists I’m on belongs to Tim Lowe. Looking at [Read more…]

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To Infinity and Beyond

If you’re based in the UK, you can’t have failed to miss the TV commercials about BT Infinity. It’s the new fibre optic broadband Internet offering from BT. Download speeds are 40 mbs and upload speeds are 10 mbps, which is very useful if you upload a lot of photos, videos etc., or run online businesses.

If your local exchange has been upgraded to the new fibre service, you might receive a phone call from a BT sales representative, offering you the new service.
To be honest, it’s a good deal. Not only do you get the full 40 mbps speed, but you also get access to the 3.5 million Wi-fi hotspots around the UK, which is great if you have a wi-fi enabled laptop, net-book, tablet or phone.

But here’s my advice if you get the call from BT. Tell them you want to read more about it [Read more…]

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John Thornhill’s Coaching Program Revisited

A few months ago I signed up for John Thornhill’s Coaching Program, which teaches you how to get started online by setting up a blog and then creating an ebook to sell via Clickbank.

I received the 16th and final installment of the course a week or two ago so I decided to report back on how the course was.

The course started very well. It is video based so you can see exactly what to do. Unfortunately, the videos were made a few years ago and the various software and sites that are used (WordPress, Aweber and Clickbank) have all changed by varying degrees since then. John provides an update document showing the differences, but I have to question whether it is enough.

As an old hand with these things, I had no problem getting the tasks done, but many of the other course members who were complete newbies [Read more…]

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