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It’s So Easy To Go Off Track

It’s been many months since my last post on this blog. It’s amazing how easy it is to get out of the habit of posting, and once you’ve lost that habit, a blog can easily fall into a state of neglect.

So this post represents me getting back on track.

Last summer I started a new day-job and it had a profound effect on my day-to-day routine, and that’s the problem. Once your routine is broken, some tasks get overlooked or forgotten.
The job is great though. Working on accounting software is a big departure from the sonar systems I worked on previously, but I’m learning some great new programming skills.

As you’ll see from previous posts, I am learning to play guitar. I’m still not that good yet, but I do practice as often as I can – at least every day – even if it’s just a five-minute [Read more…]

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The Big Printer Rip-Off

Years ago when monochrome ink-jet printers first appeared on the scene, the nozzles on their print heads were well known for getting clogged with dried ink if you didn’t use the printer for an extended period.

I bought an Epson printer which overcame this problem by building the nozzles into the cartridge. When you replaced the cartridge, you got a fresh set of nozzles, so they were less likely to get clogged. Another advantage of this was that if the nozzles did get clogged I could simply remove the cartridge and clean it with some isopropyl alcohol.

In fact I found that I was able to keep refilling the cartridges with cheaper ink and still get away with good quality prints.

I later switched to a colour printer – again an Epson. This time, there were 4 cartridges and they had reverted to having fixed print heads. What’s worse [Read more…]

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A Question about Typefaces

I have noticed something about the various Typefaces on my computer (you probably call them Fonts, but technically a font is a selection of characters of a selected size in a particular typeface).

Anyway, terminology aside, the thing I have noticed is that the letter “a” is almost always represented by a symbol similar to this…

Letter a

It always has that curved line flowing over the top, even though when we go to school, we are taught to write a letter “a” more like this…

Letters a

Almost all printed matter – newspapers, magazines, books etc., use the first form, yet very few people write it this way.

So I set about looking at the various typefaces on my computer and found that the only ones that showed it in the second form were “handwriting” or “calligraphy” [Read more…]

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The Future of Apple Inc’s Products

The world appears to be reeling from the shock of hearing the news of the death of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. Steve had been seriously ill for some time, so in reality, his death was not really a surprise.

Steve Jobs has been lauded in the media and on social network sites as an innovator, visionary, pioneer and genius who has changed the way we live and interact with technology, but this idea is not really as accurate as people think. It is very sad that Steve has passed away, and his quirky nature and charismatic product launches will be sorely missed.

While the rest of the world is publishing obituaries to this “innovator”, I would like to put the record straight and mention the unsung heroes who got Apple to the position they are in today.

Apple Computer was originally formed by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak (“Woz”) and [Read more…]

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Why Do We Have Standards?

If you were to buy a new keyboard for your PC, the chances are it would have a USB plug on it. You could plug it in to any USB socket on your PC and it would just work. (If your PC is somewhat older, it might have a PS/2 plug on it, but it would fit in the keyboard socket).

Many years ago in the UK when mains electricity was first introduced, each electricity company used a different kind of plug and socket, which meant that if you moved from one region to another, you would have to change the plugs. There were something like 23 different plugs and sockets in use at one time. Eventually, they standardised on a single plug and socket.

We have these standards to make life easier.

So why is it that there is an ISO standard for the connectors on the back [Read more…]

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