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Home Grown Fruit and Vegetables

You really can’t beat the taste of home-grown fruit and vegetables, and as on previous years I’m growing some of my own again this year. Where I live on the south coast of England, it’s unlikely that we’ll get any more frosts this year, and if we do, they won’t be very severe. So I have taken advantage of the good weather this weekend to get some gardening done.

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I planted some tomato and cucumber seeds. This week, the plants were big enough (about 4″ or 10cm) to transfer to their own pots, so we did that today. We’ll be putting the plants outside during the day and bringing them in at night until they have hardened up a bit.

We also planted some runner beans and some dwarf pea plants. The peas are a variety that grows only [Read more…]

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I Hate Brown Bread. Except…

I really hate brown bread. Yes, I know all you health freaks are going to tell me that it’s a lot healthier than white bread, but you can’t make me like the taste of something just because it’s healthy.

The truth is that not all brown bread is as healthy as you think. I’m referring to the mass-produced, supermarket loaf here. Brown bread is generally supposed to be made made from whole wheat (or whatever grain is being used), but some of it is actually made from white flour with caramel added as a colouring. So not only is it in reality white bread that has been coloured, it has been coloured with sugar! Now tell me that’s healthy.

The fake stuff aside, I really don’t like the real brown bread. There is, however, one exception. Rank Hovis, the UK’s leading flour miller, produce a [Read more…]

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