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Rip-Off Tradesman didn’t Catch Me Out

Is it any wonder that tradespeople get a bad name for themselves?

I live in a Victorian, semi-detached house. A couple of years ago, my neighbour had some work done on one of the chimneys of his house. While on the roof, the workman noticed that one of the tiles on my roof had broken and come loose. He pushed it back into place for me. We had been experiencing a very minor leak during extremely wet weather, and that seemed to fix the problem, at least temporarily.

We’ve had a lot of heavy rain and wind recently and I guess that the tile has moved again, causing the rain to get in. It’s a fairly minor leak, but it’s obviously better to get it fixed as soon as possible before further damage is done. Unfortunately, my ladder doesn’t reach that far, and if it did, [Read more…]

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It’s Not Easy Being Green!

Actually it is easy. We’re talking about saving energy and preserving the environment here, of course. Having said that, most people want to save energy because it will save them money, especially in the current financial climate.

Since I was a teenager, I experimented with PV (Photo-Voltaic) solar cells, using motors to generate electricity etc. Of course, it was all on a very small scale – the solar cells gave enough power to drive a small 1.5 volt motor, and the motor when used as a generator could run an LED (Light Emitting Diode).

The thing is, back in those days, solar cells were phenomenally expensive and quite inefficient. You would need a huge array of them to generate any useful electricity, which would not only take up a lot of space, but would be prohibitively expensive.

Today, solar cells are still expensive, but much less so. They are also a lot more [Read more…]

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Impulsive Redecoration

When I bought my house, the upstairs landing had been wallpapered with some dark beige paper that had a flowery pattern made out of some weird kind of foam stuck to it. Because the foam was a couple of millimetres thick, it game some depth to the pattern.

The problem is that the upstairs landing has no windows. The bedrooms and bathroom originally had small windows above the doors to let light through to the landing, but the previous owner had boarded them over, making the landing very dark. In fact we have to keep a light on up there most of the time – I’m glad there are energy-saving light bulbs now. Being a dark beige colour, the wallpaper didn’t help in making the place look bright.

Anyway, two days ago I could stand this wallpaper no longer, and I pulled it off. Fortunately, most of [Read more…]

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Home Improvement Starting Again

The house in which I live was built in 1882. It’s a Victorian, semi-detached, 2-storey house with a small garden front and back.
When I bought the house it was in bad condition. The previous owners have obviously modified it during the 1970s but had barely done anything to it since, which is why it was a bargain when I bought it.

If I had had the money and the spare time, I would have repaired it quite quickly, but that wasn’t the case, so it has been a long-term project over the last few years and it’s still not complete.

The house didn’t have a bathroom – only a shower room that had been fashioned out of the corner of one of the 4 bedrooms. So, I am now converting one of the bedrooms into a bathroom. I started on this a couple of years ago, but money [Read more…]

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