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If you want something doing properly…

Have you ever used that phrase “If you want something doing properly, do it yourself” ? It can be very frustrating when you rely on something or somebody and they just don’t deliver what you want.

I have been a user of the Opera browser since version 3.0 (It’s up to version 20 now). When I first started using it, it was an absolute delight to use. It was by far the fastest browser available and had some excellent features that are still not available in in other browsers unless you install a 3rd-party plug-in, or have been copied but implemented poorly. Back in those days, you had to pay for Opera, so you kind of expected something better than the rest. It became free several versions later.

After version 12, Opera decided to start anew. They dumped their existing HTML rendering engine and adopted [Read more…]

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USB Digital TV

A couple of years ago I bought a USB dongle that contains a Digital Terrestrial TV decoder. It simply plugs into a USB port and connects to a regular TV aerial (antenna).

It receives all the UK Freeview channels and the supplied software by Blaze works just fine. Considering that it cost less than £10 I’d say it was a bargain.

Since buying it, I’ve upgraded my PC and ended up having to do a fresh installation of Windows. Alas, I couldn’t find the driver disk for the TV decoder so I have need unable to use it for a couple of months.

I searched endlessly using Google and found a lot of other people on forums who were in a similar predicament. None of the suggested links actually pointed to a driver that works.

Today, I have finally found a driver that works by going to the website of [Read more…]

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More Blender Display Problems Fixed

Having more than one PC can be quite a luxury, but it’s quite common for a professional software developer such as myself. However, it can also have its down-side, especially if the computers are different models from different manufacturers.

The reason I say this is that having solved the problems I had with Blender on one PC, I found that on the second, I experienced the same problems. The cure that I used for the first PC completely failed to fix it on the second. Furthermore, the fix that I did wasn’t really satisfactory because it is now downgrading the performance of my PC’s graphics card for the sake of one application.

So I needed to find an alternative fix and that turned out to be new video drivers. Both PCs have ATI graphics cards, so I suspect that updating the drivers on both machines might cure the [Read more…]

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Blender Display Problems

For years, I have been interested in 3D graphics. In fact, I used to render 3D graphics on my old BBC Micro, which was long before any of the big movies like Toy Story were ever created.

It’s only been a hobby though – I never got into it in a serious way.

My sons have got to that age where they are interested in computer games and as I am a professional programmer, are quite keen for us to put together a game of our own. Of course, we don’t have the time and budgets of the big software companies, so we’re not expecting miracles, but it is possible to put together simple games reasonably quickly.

One tool that I have used in the past is Blender. It’s a free 3D modelling tool that incorporates Python scripting and a game engine which lets you interact with the models that [Read more…]

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